Life Skills & Social Skills for Young Adults

Employment Readiness Program (ERP)
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Thanks to a generous grant from Unity for Autism, we are able to offer this program at a minimal cost to families

 Target clients are young adults (age 18-24) that require more intensive support
 Clients go through an assessment process to identify strengths and needs and potential opportunities for acquiring employment readiness skills and job/volunteer placements
Clients work either in a 1:1 or in a 2:1 ratio with staff in both the centre and at various places of business to learn the following

  •    Employment readiness skills
  •    On-Site supported job coaching
  •    Transportation training
  •    Other prerequisite adaptive and life skills

 Goals include working towards increasing independence in a workplace environment


Compass (Community Outings Program) 

 Young Adults (age 18 – 24)
 Weekly outings in the community for varied fun and educational activities
 Emphasis is on promoting independence and learning lifeskills such as transportation training,
shopping, ordering at restaurants, etc



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