Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) designation

We are very proud to announce that 12 of our staff are now Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBTs). This is a nice complement to our clinical teams’ credentials already made up of our two BCBA Clinical Supervisors and our four BCaBA Senior Therapists.

This is a newer credential offered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). All 12 therapists will now be listed in the Registered Behaviour Technician Registry (as part of the will have the RBT credential listed beside their names.

• This training involved 40 hours of lecture/role play/ classroom training. This was delivered (mostly) last spring from the period April to June 2015. The participants and trainers all volunteered their time to either participate in the training, or deliver the training. How wonderful was that! There was also a competency exam each candidate had to pass consisting of interview, and role/play or direct observation tasks.

• As mentioned, you can find out more information about the RBT credential at the website.

The credentials offered by the BACB include the following:

Registered behaviour technician: 12 on staff currently (and currently only 150 in Canada).

Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst: 5 on staff currently, and 2 staff currently completing course-work and/or supervision

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst – two on staff currently, and 5 staff currently completing completing course-work and/or supervision

*Note – some current RBTs are also currently completing coursework and/or supervision for either BCaBA or BCBA credentials.

The above demonstrates our organization’s commitment to ongoing professional development, and we are very proud of the work of all of our staff.

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