Introduction to ABA

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What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis is the science of behaviour. To summarize each part means:

Applied: This means focusing on social significant behaviours.
Behaviours: While the science acknowledges internal or private events, it looks at observable behaviours. Behaviour Analysts only deal with behaviours that they can see and measure.
Analysis: This means collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a behaviour and to see if the behaviours have changed.

How do people use this science?

Most of us know that the science of ABA is used when working with people with autism and other developmental disabilities. There is extensive research with success using therapies based on the principles of the science. Having had the privilege of attending 3 of ABA International’s conferences, I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge diversity of topics the science is being applied to. Here are some examples of other areas the science is being used:
Animal Behaviour
Gambling and other addictions
Climate Change (getting people to change their habits to help the planet)
Athletic performance
General Education
Anxiety and related disorders
Organizational Management
Behavioural Pharmacology


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