Hi everyone – it is that time when the first IEP of the year is due.  (The IEPs are due 30 days into the school placement).
Many parents have reported that they do not feel as prepared as possible for the IEP and don’t fully understand how they can contribute.

Here are some websites that might be of interest:
1.  For general info – please see:

2.  Once there, click on “The Identification, Placement, and Review Committee” for more info on the IPRC process.

3.  For further info on the IPRC process – please see:
Highlights of Regulation 181/98 –
*This includes information such as who can request an IPRC and who can attend, and what is decided at an IPRC meeting.

4.  Further information on the individual education plan – (IEP) – please see:
From this link, it is noted that:   “An IEP identifies the student’s specific learning expectations and outlines how the school will address these expectations through appropriate accommodations, program modifications and/or alternative programs as well as specific instructional and assessment strategies.”
Note – once at the link noted for the IEP – there are links to two documents that will be of interest.

5.  I would also recommend taking a look at PPM 140 – Incorporating Methods of Applied Behaviour
Analysis (ABA) Into Programs for Studens with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), which identifies two main requirements for school board staff:

a) School boards must offer students with ASD special education programs and services, including, where appropriate, special education programs using ABA methods.
b) School board staff must plan for the transition between various activities and settings involving students with ASD.


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