Stephanie Germain, M.Ed.

Senior Therapist/Group Leader


After graduating magna cum laude in a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in psychology (B.A.H.), Stephanie worked privately for two years in home-based ABA programs with learners with Autism. Concurrently, she worked for two years as an integration aide with children with disabilities for the Western Quebec School Board in Gatineau, Quebec.

To date, Stephanie has been involved with Spectrum Intervention Group for over three years in the capacity of an Instructor Therapist, Lead Therapist, and Group Therapist with learners of varying skills and ages. Stephanie is a dedicated and caring therapist and holds her learners and their education in the highest regard.

Her passion and commitment to maximizing the potential of all the learners she has had the privilege to teach recently prompted Stephanie to continue her own education in the fields of mental health and education. She currently holds a Masters degree in Educational Counselling (M.Ed) from the University of Ottawa and was proud to present a poster on ethics at the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s (CCPA) May 2011 conference. She looks forward to the continued application of her skills in ABA and now counselling to her work with youth and families who have children on the Autism spectrum.