Jackie Shore, BCaBA, B.Ed.

Senior Therapist


Jackie completed her BCaBA in July 2014. She obtained her B.A. (Sociology) from the University of Toronto and followed this education with a Teaching Degree from University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Education program in 2004. She has worked as an ABA therapist and, later, Senior Therapist in Ottawa for the last 8 years.

Jackie is a Senior Therapist for Spectrum Intervention Group in-center programs and home programs in Ottawa and surrounding communities Her experience in providing services to over 40 children both at home and in-school settings as well as implementing programs ranging from basic learner curriculum to advanced programming has been consistently supervised by Lynne Thibodeau, BCBA, M.Ed.

Jackie is deeply committed to both education and the field of Autism and advances this passion through ongoing training and regularly attending workshops. She has completed graduate level courses in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Brock University. Jackie is continually working towards further certifications within the field and is enrolled in the Applied Behavior Analysis program at Florida Institute of Technology.

Jackie is also actively involved in community education initiatives by regularly presenting ABA workshops for parents and professionals in the Ottawa/Eastern Ontario area in co-operation with Lynne Thibodeau, BCBA, M.Ed.