Debbie Barbesin, MADS

Senior Therapist/Instructor Therapist


Debbie has been involved and worked with children who have autism for over 10 years. To understand more about disabilities and specifically autism and related disorders she completed a post-diploma certificate in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) through Algonquin College in 2005. Determined to learn more about Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), she pursued a Master in Applied Disability Studies Applied Behaviour Analysis (MADS) from Brock University in 2011. Debbie has attended a number of workshops in both Canada and the United States to maintain current with research, techniques and practices in the autism community.

She has been an active member of the autism community as the co-owner of the autismsupportOttawa list with Lynne Thibodeau. In 2002, Debbie created the Directory of Services for Individuals with Autism which lists information and services available in the Ottawa region along with contact information to access these services. She updates the directory on a regular basis and sends it out to the autismsupportOttawa list members as well as area professionals who provide it as a resource to their clients.

She is dedicated to providing information about services available to families and is recognized as an advocate in the autism community. Debbie has worked with children ranging in ages from 3 to 16 with autism and related disabilities since 2005 as an ABA therapist. Most of her professional work has been supervised by Lynne Thibodeau, M.Ed and Kristen Copeland, BCBA, MA.

As a parent of two boys on the autism spectrum, she also brings a unique understanding and appreciation of the challenges faced by families who have children with autism.