Anne Frazer, BCaBA, B.A.(Hon.)

Senior Therapist


In March of 2014, Anne, a graduate from the University of Guelph,  obtained her BCaBA. She has been working in the field of ABA since 2006.   Involved with Spectrum Intervention Group for much of this period, she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of learners ages 2 to 16 in home, school and social group based settings. Throughout her career, she has gained experience as an Instructor Therapist, a Lead Therapist, a Therapist Trainer, a Group Therapist and most recently as a Senior Therapist. All of her work has been supervised by both Lynne Thibodeau, BCBA, M. Ed and Kristen Copeland BCBA, M.A..
Anne is dedicated to the continuous learning and development of the children she works with. Her commitment to quality programming has lead her to pursue continued education in the field of ABA and she is enrolled in the Applied Behaviour Analysis program at Florida Institute of Technology. She also regularly attends workshops in ongoing professional development.