About us

We are a registered charity
As a registered charity, our objective is to provide quality services that are as affordable as possible to families through a combination of fees and fundraising. Fundraising directly offsets some of the teaching/instructor therapist costs incurred in the delivery of Spectrum’s programs. Effectively meeting the needs of the children we work with, often means maintaining a very low staff to child ratio – typically either 1:1 or 1:2. Our experience has been that this low staff to child ratio, combined with our commitment to providing ongoing clinical training and supervision of our staff, are the key variables contributing to our success in delivering high quality programs based on ABA principles and procedures.

We are dedicated to the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

ABA programs that take into account Skinner’s analysis of verbal behaviour (commonly referred to as “VB programs”), are at the core of Spectrum’s programs. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff, develop and provide individualized programs based on each child’s needs. The teaching procedures used are evidence-based. Our staff is dedicated to ongoing professional development and continue to receive training by attending conferences and workshops.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge.

Spectrum is also committed to the education of both professionals and parents in the Autism community. To this end, we offer training workshops and seminars periodically throughout the year, geared to providing on-going education, on various topics related to autism. We offer workshops on various topics presented by our own staff, in addition, from time to time, we will present outside experts and professionals. We also provide on-site training, practice and experience to students of the Autism and Behavioural Science Program at Algonquin College, child-care, developmental services worker, psychology and educational programs. As well, because families are of primary importance in a child’s development, the staff strives to bring about collaboration between home and Spectrum in ways that enhance the child’s development. The staff has a solid commitment to developing strong partnerships with the families we serve in order to facilitate consistency of goals and approach across the environments the child is involved in (including home and school/day care). We are also pleased to collaborate and liaise with other outside professionals already involved with the child’s programming. In addition, we have access to other professionals in other related fields such as psychologists and occupational and speech therapists, with whom we can consult with when the need arises.

We are committed to providing unique services and help fill service voids for individuals on the Spectrum
As a grassroots organization started by parents to fulfill a need, we are constantly working with families and other professionals to create programs that fill a void in the community. Past projects have included social groups and summer camps. Currently we are offering several unique programs. Our SCOPE program, is an ABA classroom for teens on the spectrum. Our Leisure Quest program allows children 7-18 to be exposed to new skills through art and technology.